Where to start? We have lots happening for our youth, both within the church and with other church youth groups in Auckland.

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Friday Youth

Friday night fun from 7 pm to 9 pm Friday night during the school term. It features a mixture of games, activities, discussion nights and social events. We have a great Youth Pastor who is able to relate to young people and encourage them in their lives.

Sunday Youth

Our Sunday youth join everyone together in our service that is intentionally intergenerational. We love it when they help by serving in the service, hearing their voices in the readings and questions of the day. They can catch up with each other and people from other age groups, look into the Bible with everyone and explore our relationship with God and others.

Life Groups

Life Groups

Our youth have an opportunity to be part of an age-appropriate life group. as part of our Friday night programme. The aim of these groups is to encourage young people to look at what the Bible has to say about issues they face today, as well as study the Bible.  The discussions are often lively, insightful and really enjoyable.

More about our youth

Developing leaders

We believe in developing the leadership potential of our young people. Our youth are involved in leading at holiday programme, leading groups, serving with others in parish activities and working with and beside prayer ministry members.

Wider world

Our youth are also involved with other youth group events in Auckland and beyond through sports competitions like Fanatics Cup, M FEST/ EFEST camp, and other diocesan events and worship nights.